Anime North Haul!

In case you missed it…

by all meens:

Hello all! This is my first (official post).

Yesterday, I went on an adventure. I took my first trip to Anime North with my best friends. We decided to go on a Sunday because we thought it would be less crowded. We were totally wrong. Nevertheless, we had a fantabulous time. We met a lot of awesome cosplayers and spent a lot of guap (see: urban dictionary). It being my first year there, I spent a lot like the nerd I am. I present to you, my nostalgia-filled Anime North 2014 Haul.

The Haul in it’s entirety

Haul group

These adorable buttons


A DMC 4 print for my brother


I forgot to take a separate picture of the Sailor Moon print  ;-;

Surprise box Haru keychain


Kawaii stationary


Sailor Mars Plushie


An alpaca that my friends and I named ”Sebastian Benjamin Montague the Third”


Kingdom Hearts Necklaces


Yuna (FFX) and Rinoa Heartilly…

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