Fringed: DIY Fringe Skirt

This is very doable and it’s definitely in style this summer. I will probably try it out myself and wear a short skirt underneath.

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIYFringed!!!! This project is actually a throwback… will the internets allow for a #ThrowbackTuesday?!? Anywho, three years ago when Beyonce told us who was running the world (girls!) I was inspired to create my own version of the mini fringe skirt she wore in the video (here). Well that was three years ago and to be honest “mini fringe” doesn’t work for me anymore. I’m really crushing on fringe and wanted to recreate this skirt for my Summer wardrobe in a more age appropriate length. Fringe skirts for the grown and sexy, y’all!

Obviously I would recommend wearing a skirt underneath when you’re wearing this fabulous lady out in public, but you know I had to give y’all the full effect for these photos.

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 2

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 3Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 4Materials: A belt, fringe and a glue gun

Miss Kris Fringe Skirt DIY 5Use your glue gun apply a healthy amount of glue to the inside of your belt…

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