I’ll be home for the haulidays (Mini-haul + get the look)

First off, I must apologize for my super long absence from August up until this point. Between welcome week, midterms and eventually final exams I never found the time to update my blog. Alas I am back for the holidays. Today I will be doing a short review on a few products, along with simple tutorial on achieving a simple holiday look [which will catch the eye of your mistletoe hopeful ;)].

Here are the products that I used:


  • Smashbox’s Be Legendary in ”Chesnut’ –  $20.00
  • Too Faced’s Better than Sex – $30.00
  • Too Faced’s Shadow insurance – $24.00
  • Anatasia’s Dipbrow Pomade in ”Medium brown” – $23.00

First, prior to this tutorial I had already applied my face primer, concealer and bb cream (I chose to go with bb cream as I wanted to have more of a natural glow).

Then what you want to do is fill in your brows.  I like to use a angled liner blush as it’s a lot easier to shape your brows.

This is what my brows look before I fill them in:


(I am not very #blessed in the brows department)

After I fill them in this is how they look:


As you can tell, the dipbrow works wonders. It completely transformed my brow. I definitely love how easy the formula goes on. In my opinion, it looks very natural, not to mention it is easy to work with. Although I do prefer the pencil version as gel can somewhat be unpredictable unless you’re an expert.

Next we prime our lids with shadow insurance (gotta insure those lids). I used a nude on my eye (I forget which one), but you can pick any shadow that you feel brings out those rouge lips.




After + a neutral eye shadow

The primer is definitely worth the money. It extends the wear of your eyeshadow and lasts all day. It certainly does it’s job.

Now you curl and apply Better than Sex to yours lashes. I only used a single coat, but I must say I was definitely impressed with the results. The formula is great, not too clumpy and it looks very elegant on my lashes (for lack of a better word). I may perhaps be better than sex.

IMG_2102  IMG_2103

Although I have naturally long lashes, it also extended my lashes. I didn’t provide much volume though.

Now moving on to my favourite part, the lips! First I used an Eos lip balm to moisturize my lips, then I used a generic lip liner (any matching shade will do) to line and fill my lips in. After which I went over the liner with the lipstick. My advice is to fill in your lips, ladies. Filling in your lips and then applying liner looks makes your lips appear a lot fuller and it also looks very neat.


I was drawn to the Smashbox lipstick mostly because of my love for the company and the matte packaging. I’m glad I purchased it though. It is a long-lasting lipstick (lasted for 5 hours of class) and it stayed pretty moist. I also love the warmness of the colour because it complements my skin.

This look is a quick, simple look you can try out as an everyday look, but it also works for the holidays. Feel free to try it out for your outings this season.

Overall, I’m definitely happy with my mini-haul. I’m also glad to be home. Hopefully you all have a happy holiday and don’t forget to splurge on yourself, because I know I will!

Happy Holidays ho-ho-homies,

– Meens

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