Bonjour mes amis!

In the long break that I have not posted I have made numerous (and I mean NUMEROUS) purchases in the beauty and fashion department. In this first part of said haul I will be sharing and reviewing finds from Sephora as well as the drug store. In the second part of this post (which I aim to release before the end of the week) I will also share some of my spring fashion purchases (even though it seems like spring will never come here in Ontario). So you get two for one!


DSCN0231 copy

Bed of roses? Please. Bed of makeup.

One of my first few purchases in the new year included the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced. Like many others, I was instantly drawn into their cute packaging. Not to mention, the smell of the palette itself is pretty heavenly.

DSCN0203 copy

While the colours are certainly pigmented, there is some inconsistency in application. I often have to make numerous applications. However I do love the preppy looks that come from this palette. The pastel colours are also great for spring!


TooFaced’s Chocolate bar shadows have the cutest names

The next item is the Full Bodied Lipstick by Buxom

DSCN0206 copyDSCN0212 copy

I got the shade ”Hooligan”. I definitely love Buxom’s products because of their plumping effects. While the colour is certainly gorgeous this lipstick did not give me the full-bodied look I wanted. I feel like more could have been achieved with a lip liner.

Moving on….

L’oreal’s Voluminous Butterfly Intenza

DSCN0214 copy

I actually discovered this product in a magazine (Yes, I know… who reads magazines these days?) and I thought that the brush looked pretty cool….So the next day I went out to get the mascara of course (and it was on sale!). However upon application, I didn’t notice much of a boost in volume. However I did get a boost in length. I really didn’t like the texture of the mascara as it made my lashes really dry and sticky after. Yikes.

Yet I’ve noticed only positive reviews online about the product. Maybe it’s just me?

Time to get a tattoo…JUST KIDDING!

DSCN0216 copy

I picked up the Kat Von D tattoo liner because I heard about the hype plus I needed a new liquid liner. I certainly appreciate the flexible tip and application, but the formula didn’t last very long on my lids (even with primer). I found that the liner would fade before the day was even over. I guess I’ll be sticking to gel liner…

Let’s stay on track with Colorstay Ultimate by Revlon

DSCN0220 copy

I picked up this gloss because it had a vampy matte finish. I was specifically looking for a lip-stainesque product that would not leave any marks or come off when eating/drinking. I have to say that I am very impressed with how long it lasted. Word of advice: wear some lip balm before applying because like most matte lip products it will dry out on you.

Next up: the Contour Blush by Nars

DSCN0222 copy

i’ve been trying to get into the contour hype for the longest while so I figured why not purchase a contour kit. Surely Nars had the right shade for me, but I was not the biggest fan of powder contour as it looks cakey on my oily skin. The contrasting colours certainly work well together.

The tiny but dominant Lash Domination by Bare Minerals

DSCN0226 copy

I received this sample from Sephora so I thought I would also include in my haul. Although Bare Minerals is usually known for it’s skin products, I would say that they hit the nail on the head with this mascara. The brush is lash-hugging much like Benefit’s They’re real mascara. For the little formula that I used I definitely noticed length and volume. This mascara has become my favourite travel mascara.

CONCEAL DON’T FEEL with Revlon’s Photoready.

DSCN0228 copy

I’m already in love with the photoready line of foundations so I thought I would give the concealer a try. It definitely provides great coverage but I’m personally not a big fan of the creamy texture. My skin is already oily so it’s creaminess tends to make my skin look cakey. However the purpose of this concealer is for photos and it definitely adds a mattifying boost. After all you do have to wear a lot of makeup when taking photos especially when flash is involved.

Well that was a mouthful…and now I have a handful of new products. Some of them I like and some of them not so much but I guess that’s the whole fun of makeup. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different products from different price ranges. You’ll be surprised at the gems you can find at the drugstore.

Hopefully you enjoyed this haul post and be sure to check out the second part with my clothing haul!

Enjoy your funday! er- I mean Sunday.

– Meens

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