Hello meenions!

So I definitely lied about getting this post out in a week, but alas, here it is!

Today I bring you the second half of my haul post the cozy half. Yes ladies and gentlemen I am talking about fashion for once.

I just want to make a disclaimer that I am no way affiliated with Forever 21 although almost all of these clothing items are from their store.

Show me your nudes! But not actually.


Don’t judge me but I was actually inspired by Kim K’s nude ensemble to buy this day off knit top.

DSCN0196 copy

I definitely love how stretchy the top is. It’s very thin so do wear something underneath unless you’re strong enough to brave the Canadian weather.

I also opted for very miniscule nude makeup


The next item is the Crepe Skater Skirt

DSCN0198 copy

I was inspired to purchase this skirt because not only did I think it was chic, but I adore the colour! The evergreen colour naturally reminded me of evergreen trees. I also thought this colour would be great for spring. Hopefully the greens of spring will show up soon…

The swert  SWEATER SKIRT (new girl reference) is the next item. Just kidding, the Heathered Knit Skirt should definitely be called the swert in my opinion.

DSCN0199 copy

Not only is it adorable but is also cozy as a knit sweater. Who says you can’t be comfortable and stylish?

Get wrapped up in the Wrapped Woven Miniskirt!

DSCN0200 copy

I certainly love the way this skirt wraps around the body. It is the perfect skirt for business casual ensemble or for an interview.

Time to get romantic with some roses. This cute blouse is the Ruffled Rose Print Blouse.

DSCN0201 copy

I usually don’t opt for printed blouses unless they are minimalist. I was inspired to purchase this blouse not only because the ruffles are adorable but I also like the fact that the roses are on a black canvas. It’s girly yet still somehow remains dark which is exactly my style.

The next thing I picked up is the perfect combination of elegance and badassery, the Faux Leather Collared Blouse 

DSCN0202 copy

The high leather collar gives this blouse a unique look. It’s very feminine and badass. It also pairs well with leather pants.

Finally the last purchase of my Forever 21 haul is a pair of Heathered Tights. 

DSCN0233 copy

Evidently I purchased three skirts and the Canadian weather is not kind to my legs. I definitely recommend grabbing a pair of these tights. They are decently thick, comfortable, form-fitting and they do not look awkward at all.

The last item in this haul is unexpectedly not from Forever 21.


I purchased these knee high wedge boots called Glelidia from Spring. They were more of a spontaneous purchase since Spring had a sale at the time. They arrived just in time so I thought I would include them in this haul.

I love how posh they make me feel. There are also many zippers which are just for fashion apparently. It is very cozy but I would not wear these if I have a lot of walking (I learned my lesson when I walked around Toronto). I’m definitely #teamwedges though.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. If you did let me know because I am contemplating putting a video lookbook together. Tell me which piece you liked the most.

For now it’s case clothes’d

– Meens


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