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Spilling the Body Positivitea #SMROFSELFLOVE

Hello friends! It’s been a hot minute since I dropped a blog. Today I decided to write on something different from my usual content. It’s a sensitive subject, at least for me.

Let’s talk about body positivity…

If you follow me on Instagram (@byallmeens if you aren’t), it would appear that I’m comfortable in my skin or at least that I’m body positive.

Truth is, I’m not. I’m really trying though.

I’m sure you’ve heard it numerous times already ”society has impossible standards of beauty.” All around the world, these standards are relative to the local culture. Many women around the globe like myself feel they won’t achieve those standards.

There are times I’ve asked myself, especially as a lover of beauty, am I ever going to be considered beautiful if I’m not fair or if I don’t lose weight?

It’s almost trivial to me, that I hate the way I look because I don’t meet society’s standards.

On the other hand, self-love could be as achievable as throwing caution to the wind and saying ”eff your standards!”

It’s not that easy. It never is. Especially when ”society” isn’t an unknown entity. It’s your mom telling you to go for a run or stay out of the sun or telling you not to eat so much. Maybe it’s that gorgeous girl on Instagram complaining about her love handles. Or perhaps it’s your friend talking about how fat she feels or implying that you don’t go to the gym as often. Pardon my French but, it’s shitty and it’s unavoidable.

I feel like I’m constantly stuck in this battle of not feeling good enough or feeling too vain when I do feel good.

Here’s the thing though, you are in charge of your self-perception. At the end of the day, no one is forcing you to comply with standards but yourself. If you want to lose weight, that is ultimately your choice. If you want to get lip injections, it’s your choice. Your choices should not be a matter of how other people will feel, but a matter of if it will make you happy. I know that’s oversimplifying it, but I shouldn’t feel bad about feeling comfortable in my skin because other people don’t like how I look. Ultimately, if I don’t like my weight, it should be my choice to work out daily and feel good about it as a result.

After a lot of contemplating and inner battles, I’ve made a choice to actively feel better about my body this summer. It hasn’t been easy, but I have to say that I feel a new sense of happiness, freedom and overall positivity.

I know I’m never going to look like the ideal beauty. I’m never going to be fair skinned (that ship has sailed since the day I was born). I am going to be happy and positive about how I look this summer, hence the hashtag #SMROFSELFLOVE

I am going embrace the features I’m proud about because as cheesy as it sounds, life is too short to tear yourself down (especially at the pleasure of others). Instead I’m going to build a strong foundation and build myself up. In my experience, focusing on building myself up and accepting my body has made me feel more confident and secure than I’ve ever felt before.

I know I’m not the only one facing this challenge, and of course the road to being body positive is never easy, but I think we all owe it to ourselves to at least try and focus on supporting ourselves like a good bra.

So this summer I challenge you to a ”summer of self love.” Embrace the skin you’re in. Or if you want to, you can change your appearance, as long as it makes you happy. There’s nothing wrong with a little self-love.

Share your body positive photos with me using the hashtag #SMROFSELFLOVE on Instagram. I shall give you a well deserved ‘like’ and a follow. I can’t wait to see all of you beauties 😍

Until next time, you can find me


– Meens



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