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Rihanna’s Makeup Line: Worth Fenty of Money?

Hello friends!

Yes I’m alive and sort of well. It’s been a rough few months until this glimmer (by glimmer I mean sparkle) of hope came along. Yes I’m talking about bad gal RiRi’s new makeup collection.

As a huge Rihanna fan, I couldn’t wait to get my stubby, brown fingers on some goodies from her line. If you didn’t know, I’m as basic as they come and I adore celebrity makeup collections (see: Chrissy Teigen x Becca).

Of course this collection has got everyone abuzz, but I had to ask the hard question: Is it really worth Fenty of money?

Well friends that’s why I’m here, to give you brutally honest reviews and to ruin your day with my terrible puns.

Since I’m on a budget and I’ve got those darn student loans, I was only able to to purchase the Pro Filt’r foundation in the shade “390” ($42) and the Killawatt freestyle highlighter in “Trophy Wife” ($42) from the collection.


I am really glad that the Fenty foundation caters to WOC especially with the different undertones (unlike some brands *cough cough* MARC JACOBS).


The foundation is full coverage. It also dries quickly, so you need to work really fast. That being said, the race to beat your face with this foundation is totally worth the Rih-veal.

I absolutely loved the coverage and flawless finish on my skin.


The foundation is long lasting, but I don’t think it’s ideal for oilier skin types. In my experience when I tried with the foundation, even with several different primers, the foundation always oxidized and became cakey after a few hours. Even when I baked my makeup, it did not stay matte for long.

Once the heat dies down, I think this foundation might actually work better for my skin type.

As for the highlighter, it glowed me away…


When I tried the highlighter, I was like KILLA WAT IS THIS. No, but really, Rihanna is kinda slayed me. The highlighter is super pigmented, creamy and pops on dark skin.

HOWEVER, my issues with the highlighter is that 1) it is too sparkly and 2) it also transfers everywhere.

AND I MEAN EVERYWHERE (zoom for sparkles):

I absolutely adore the glow, but personally I was not a fan of being the real version of this:

Needless to say, while I love this quality of this highlighter, I would probably save it for more glam looks.

So is it worth the hype? Well, I’m not too sure how I feel. The collection is new, so the formulas still have room for improvement. Maybe I just got a  bad batch or maybe I’ll have to wait for my sweaty self to enjoy it in the winter.

I know a lot of people who absolutely adore this collection, so I recommend going to Sephora to try it before ya buy it for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my new Rih-lease!

Until next time…

– Meens


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