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A Brush with Mikasa: Mikasa Beauty Review

Hi friends!

Over the summer Mikasa Beauty reached out to me to try their products. So I purchased a few items using the discount code they kindly provided. I was especially excited to try out their Techni brushes because they look like a dupe for the expensive Artis brushes (and ain’t nobody got money for that}.

I ended up getting the following items from their collection:

Techni O6 Oval (M) Brush – $35

The O6 is their medium-sized oval brush and it’s great for blending makeup on smaller and larger surfaces. I personally used it for foundation and concealer application. The bristles are really soft and I felt like I was rubbing a soft pupper against my face (visualize that). The finish is also, as Beyonce would say, FLAWLESS. I particularly loved that the grip of the brush was flexible.

Techni C2 Circle Brush –  $25


The C2 is their smallest oval brush. I personally used it for eyeshadow application. While the quality of the brush is great, I struggled to use it to blend. The brush is great for applying a generous amount to the lid, but I think I will stick to fluffy brushes for blending purposes. You can also use this brush for small areas around your eyes and nose (hint: snatched nose contour).

E320 – Tapered Blending Brush – $12


The E320 is (much like my earlier puppy example), very fluffy. It’s made with white pure high grade natural goat hair (and did not shed). I was also able to effortlessly blend my eyeshadows with it. The brush is almost an exact dupe for my Morphe R39 brush.

Seriously guys:

F120 – Tapered Contour Brush – $16


If you want a soft, super blended contour, Mikasa’s got you. This brush is made with synthetic nylon hair. The pointed tip of this brush is great for precise application, but the softness ensures that your contour doesn’t end up looking muddy. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here (metaphorically not literally), but again, SUPER FLUFFY.


Overall, I absolutely love my Mikasa brushes. You could say, I felt a b(rush) of excitement. They are definitely comparable to my Morphe brushes (Yes, the quality is that good). I’ve also experienced no shedding whatsoever. For my broke homegirls, Mikasa Beauty is amazing koala tea for an affordable price. They also stock Esquido lashes and CND nail products as well.

I’m also excited to announce that I’m now a Mikasa affiliate, so if you want to brush up on your collection feel free to use my code ‘MNOWRATT25’ to get 25% off (I gotchu homies). If you spend $50, shipping is free for my Canadian and American friends.

After all, Mi-kasa es tu casa (that’s a little Spanish pun for y’all).

Until next time,


Disclaimer: I am a Mikasa Beauty affiliate. HOWEVER. I was not paid to write this. In the interest of full disclosure, I do benefit when my code is used.

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