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Colourpop x Sephora: #Golden or Holdin'(back)

Hello friends!

I was really excited when I heard Colourpop was coming to Sephora, even if it was in a limited edition capacity. So of course I hopped on social media on the day of to tell my friends and I hopped on the Sephora app subsquently to order something from the collection.

I decided to get the Limited Edition Golden State of Mind palette ($33) because I felt like there were enough colours (15) for the value, unlike the Semi Precious palette (8).

The packaging:

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The box is a matte finish, with the palette name and accent flowers in a glossy gold finish. It’s also very lightweight and thin. The names of the shades are on the back of the box and also on the back of the actual palette itself. The palette has a magnetic seal on the opening, which is nice.


While the shade names are on the back of the palette, they aren’t listed under the shades itself and the palette also doesn’t have a mirror on the inside.



The colours are essentially what drew me to this palette. The warm, sparkly tones are the perfect colours for fall glam (because matte is so #basic).

You know I had you covered with swatches because I’m s(watching) you  👀

Row 1 Swatches:


Top to bottom: Golden egg, Pay the Piper, GRLFRND, Zero Clue and Watchout

Row 2 Swatches:


Top to bottom: Drizzle, Uptight, Can’t Stop, Sparkler and Unsupervised

Row 3 Swatches:


Top to bottom: Lust in time, Mind tricks, Wing Woman, Heads or Tales and Tinker Time


You guys need to Watch Out, because I had Zero Clue if this palette was playing Mind Tricks or if it was just that bad.

When I was swatching, I had to swirl my fingers around to get some pigment. Also, The pigmentation is very inconsistent across the shades. While some of the darker shades were more pigmented, their lighter counterparts were not as dense.

On my first day trying the palette, I opted for an all glitter shadow look which was a huge mistake…

It was not worth the glitter bomb that exploded all over my face.

I really wish I had a photo of the fall out I experienced, because boy I was shinier than Chip Sylark’s teeth (that’s a little Fairly Odd Parents reference for you kids).


As I mentioned above, this palette made me really werk for the pigment. It was no different when I was using my brushes. Whether it was my Morphe brushes or my Mikasa brushes, I really had to GO IN and dig out the shadows to pick up the product on my brushes.

In the picture below you can see that my hair is a hot mess (like my life), and that I really packed it on. Yet, you can hardly see the shade Heads and Tales in my outer crease. It looks more pink blended out than the burgundy I thought it was. The colour pay off was really sad 😦


For my day 2 look, I decided to wet my brushes with setting pray to get a packed glitter look, and it picked up the shadow better than a dry brush BUT it was patchier than a pumpkin patch. This was almost as disappointing as my ex.

The verdict?

Well guys you know me, I’ll always be 100% honest with you. It’s not worth it even for the price. 1) The fall out is insane 2) It’s not that pigmented and the shadows are inconsistent, and 3) Very patchy.

I love you Colourpop, but you’ve got some kinks to work out with your shadows. Colourpop’s single shadows are okay on their own, but for some reason, it didn’t translate so well into their palette. Anyway, it’s back to Sephora I go.

What do you guys think? Did you buy anything from the Colourpop x Sephora collection?

Until next time…

Stay poppin’ like popcorn,

– Meens

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