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Break up and Make-up: Why my Relationship with Makeup is on the Quits

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t post about makeup on here or on Instagram as much as I used to (Not that I was posting frequently, to begin with). I’ve had a few ideas such as:  “Holy Grail Makeup,” “Old School Bollywood inspired makeup,” and others.

So why is there trouble in my makeup-loving paradise?

I was having one of those “deep shower thought” conversations with myself the other day and I came up with a few possible reasons:

  1. I need a sloth of sleep 

    I am lazy. We all have our vices, mine is that I’m a sloth who only wants to eat and sleep when she gets home. I sleep in as much as I can before work so I have minimal time to do any glam at all. Drake said it best “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.” There was a time when I would get up earlier to look nice, but now I think I’m at that stage where I just care about looking “decent” and presentable for work – meaning a bit of tinted moisturizer and filling in my brows.

  2. Lash extensions

    Sure these bad boys make me look extra but they also save me extra time in the morning. Of course, I like to take good care of them and preserve them so that means little to no makeup (because I really don’t need to wear any with them).
  3. No new friends…and new makeup

    I don’t know about you, but for me, the makeup industry is at a standstill. Personally, after Fenty Beauty, there hasn’t really been any exciting collections. As a result, nothing peaks my interest, so I haven’t been purchasing or trying any new makeup. Until the next big thing comes out, I guess my bank account can rest easy.

  4. I am a retired glama

    A lot of my “friends” (people I stalk on IG who I consider my friends but they don’t know it yet) are really good at makeup. I consider myself decent but as soon as I hop on the ‘gram, I feel inadequate. These days, it seems like every girl and her mother are “MUAs”, which is actually amazing because now there’s so much diversity (unlike Tarte’s foundation). I don’t see other makeup bloggers as “rivals,” because I believe in supporting each other, but I definitely can’t “compete” at the same level. If I’m being completely honest, I feel selfie-conscious about my skills.

  5. Getting skin-timate 

    I guess you can say, I enjoy being nude (by nude I mean makeup-free, you perverts). Skincare has been my primary focus during these winter months and I have been giving my skin a much-needed break. I must say, I am much more comfortable in my skin – it’s brighter, smoother, and praise the minus Celcius weather because my skin isn’t oily as it typically appears. Now, I think I want to spend more time perfecting my skincare routine (which btw guys, let me know if you would like to see a blog on this).

Looking back at all of these reasons, the spark in my relationship with makeup is definitely burning out, but I do want to try and reignite the romance. With that said, don’t be surprised if my blog and Instagram start to veer in a different direction. As I mentioned above, I am interested in exploring skincare in depth and I am open to writing more blogs about fashion.

Can you relate? If you were my makeup relationship counselor, what advice would you give me?

Help a sista save her love life!

Until next  time,

I hope you lip-stick to your relationship!
– Meens


One thought on “Break up and Make-up: Why my Relationship with Makeup is on the Quits

  1. I swear we’re on the exact same page!
    1. I always pick sleep over makeup
    2. I just got lash extensions and it’s been saving me so much time! I’m so pleased with them!
    3. I haven’t bought ANY new makeup in the new year and I totally agree with you, there’s no new releases that look remotely interesting – especially after Tarte’s “attempt to launch a “ground breaking” new foundation 😂
    4. I rarely post makeup looks on instagram although I’m pretty proud of my work.
    5. I just invested in heeps of new skincare and that’s my primary focus right now.

    I can 100% relate and you’re not alone!


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