Lashing Out: Life with Lash Extensions (Q&A)

Hi friends!

You may have noticed that lash extensions have become all the rage (do people even say that anymore?) so I thought I would share my own personal experience with them and answer a few common questions that I’ve been asked.

Where do I go?


@champagne_lashes_   studio

Anywhere, really – even your friend’s basement! I’m kidding, but it does seem like everyone is getting into the lash game. A number of salons now offer the service (but beware of their prices!). Of course you can go to freelance technicians as well – a number of which are active on Instagram (but beware of their legitimacy!).

I go to the beautiful Danielle aka @champagne_lashes_ (of IG fame) whose studio is located in her beautiful Vaughan home.

How much do they cost?

It really depends on where you go and who your lash artist is, but a classic set can run you anywhere from $80-$200 and a volume set can set you back $100-$300. If it’s anything more than that, girl you better be getting gold encrusted lashes.

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 8.40.45 PM

Price list via @champagne_lashes_

That being said, don’t just opt for extensions if they are cheap. Make sure to do your research, as well as look at the portfolio and quality of technician’s work. You don’t want to risk your eyesight for a cheap price.

FYI, I have a hybrid/volume set, which was $130. I wanted a cat-eye styled lash so it flicked out like eyeliner. I specified this during my consultation with Danielle, and she was more than happy to explain how she would achieve help me achieve my dreams.


How long do they last/how often do you refill them?

They can last up to a month if you take good care of them. It’s standard to get them refilled at 2 or 3 weeks, otherwise most technicians will charge you if you don’t have a certain percentage of lashes left.

I typically opt for 3 weeks when I can, but sometimes stress and wearing makeup can lead to accelerated lash loss.

Can you get them wet?

Yes, you can! The only time you shouldn’t wet them is after your lash appointments (I believe at least not for 24 hours after). That way you give your lashes time to bond with your lids like the buds they are.

How do you maintain them?

These babies pretty much take care of themselves. So long as you follow the golden rules of not using makeup products with oil, and don’t use mascara (which you don’t need with these babies), you should get the most of of your lashes. I also use makeup remover (when I do wear eye makeup) that is oil-free and use very gentle motions when rubbing my makeup off.

Are they heavy?

Nope, my lashes are light like as a feather. They feel as natural as my real lashes, except for when they’re wet.

Lash extensions vs. Fake lashes vs. Mascara – What is the best in your opinion?

I definitely don’t miss fake lashes. While they gave me the freedom to customize the style and volume of my look, they cost me too many lashes when I ripped them out. I do strangely miss mascara, because it was temporary and natural. Now, at least, I get to wake up with beautiful lashes that feel like my own. So I’d definitely say out of the three options that lash extensions are the best, especially if you like the look of big, dramatic lashes.

Are they worth the hype?


Absolutely!! They are the bees knees (that’s 1920s slang for excellent if you aren’t a 20s kid). They save me time in the morning, they make me feel pretty and my lashes are long enough so I can fly away from man-babies that send me gross DMs – what more could a girl ask for?

Well that’s my insight into the world of lash extensions. I hope you enjoyed this blog! If there are any other questions, feel free to leave me a comment down below.

Special thanks to Danielle for tolerating my babbling every session. Thank you, Danielle for giving me my dream lashes and thank you for letting me cuddle your doggo during my appointments. If you’re in the Brampton/Vaughan area, I highly recommend her! Check out her page on Instagram for more examples of her work.



What do you guys think? Would you consider getting lash extensions?

This won’t be the lash time you hear from me,

– Meens



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