Karity’s Posh Palette: Oh My Posh or Get Lost?

Like most modern, millennial relationships, I came across Karity through social media. I believe the first Instagram AD I saw claimed “intense buttery shadows and pigmentation”. Naturally,  my interest was peaked. The first time around I purchased their ‘Just Peachy’ Palette. It vaguely reminded me of the Kylie “Royal Peach” Palette and I had wanted similar colours at the time without supporting Kylie Cosmetics (but that’s another blog for another day). When it first arrived, I’ll admit I had my doubts. The packaging was lightweight and didn’t look like any high-end palette in my collection, but let me tell you, that the quality of the Peachy shadows rivalled several luxury brands. I instantly became a fan of the Indie brand and kept up with their new products through social media.

When they released their ‘Posh’ palette I just had to get my hands on it and share my thoughts on this creation.



The palette is darker in comparison to the “Just Peachy” Palette, and Karity definitely stepped up their game. The packaging feels like the Victoria Beckham of Spice Girls…Posh (Pun intended). With black velvet and gold accents, it sets the tone for the inside of the palette. Much like the aforementioned peachy palette, it’s lightweight but packs a punch – with 20 shades.


IG Photos - 34 of 63

Another appealing aesthetic of this palette are the shade names itself. Each shade is named after an iconic starlet. It’s easy to be intimidated by the eye-catching bold colours, but with several nude shades amongst the punchier warm tones, it makes this palette very versatile. Yes, ladies, this palette is brown skin friendly…with the exception of some of the brown shades that didn’t show up on my skin 😦 (#melaninproblems).



Shades: Marilyn, Audrey, Meryl, Ginger, Elizabeth, Helena, Carrie, Winona (Top to Bottom)


Shades: Joan, Maggie, Judi, Natalie, Sissy, Emma, Charlize, Anne, Michelle, Shirley, Bette, Grace (Top to Bottom)


Last Import - 6 of 16

Some of the colours (as visible above) applied well with a finger swatch, while some of the matte colours were a little streaky but not chalky. However, when using a brush, it picks up a lot of pigment,  so I would advise going in with a light hand. I really dig that I don’t have to dig out any chunkyness (I’m looking at you COLOURPOP). The texture of both the shimmers and mattes were both consistently smooth. Which leads me into application…



I had no issues applying any of the colours on my lids. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the shimmers applied. With the intense pigmentation, the shadows stay in place UNLIKE MY DOG. I had to double check the packaging because I can’t believe it’s not butter©. Blending these shadows was a smooth as the Cha Cha Slide.

The Verdict?



It’s a yes from me. For the price point, it’s remarkably easy to use and easy to love. From the regal colour selection to the oh so heart-melting application, this palette is a win in my books. As if all the above reasons weren’t enough, Karity is also cruelty-free + vegan AND with every palette purchased, they donate a meal to an animal in need! As an animal lover and Hannah Montana fan, it’s the best of both worlds. If you are thinking of purchasing any Karity products, here’s $5 off because saving money is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Out of all the shades, which one did you like best? I have to say, ‘Elizabeth’ is my fave (because I’m a gold digger).

Unlike next time,

Slay away from strangers

– Meens



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