I want More..phe: Morphe Haul + BONUS

Hi friends!

It’s been a busy few weeks. I was dealing with a personal issue but everything is all fine and dandy now. In my previous blog, I recapped my trip to the USA and told you I would share a review on my makeup finds.  Well, I’m as gouda as my word and I’m ready to tell y’all if my finds were mozar-hella bad or if they were grate (Sorry, craving cheese).

While 90% of my buys were from the Morphe store, I also picked up a highlighter from Walgreens and a liner from Inglot during my trip, so I thought I would also share my thoughts on those as well!

Brushes in Rose Gold and Elite

One of the things that has made Morphe so famous are their brushes. While many makeup gurus use their brushes and even have codes, there are still questions about their legitimacy. Some question their validity because of the price. Before I started using their brushes, I was also skeptical. Now, I swear by these brushes. In my experience, they are durable, soft and most importantly, DO NOT SHED.

I actually own many of the rose gold brushes already, so I was looking to add to my collection. I’m glad I picked up the R33, R45, and the E13 because they are just as good if not better as my previous brushes. Guys, if you are looking for some good quality brushes at a good price, trust me, Morphe brushes are worth it!

The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Another thing that made Morphe rise to the top, is their collaborations with influencers, especially their partnership with Jaclyn Hill. I’ve wanted this palette since it came out, but could never convince myself to pay the cost and shipping when my friend let me use hers whenever we did our makeup together. During those few times, I fell in love. When I got my hands on my own, I had no regrets. There is a great range of colours in this palette for all kinds of looks. It’s very pigmented and easy to blend. The hype was real and right on the money about this palette.

Morphe Eyelid Primer

What’s eyeshadow without her trusty sidekick, primer? Well…she’s not that bright with this one. Don’t get me wrong, the primer initially holds up great but it doesn’t last long. Eyeshadow goes on nicely on the matte primer but unfortunately, it does not hold up or compare to eyeshadow primer powerhouses like Too Faced.

Morphe Micro Brow Pencil

You guys know my brows always gotta be on fleek, especially when summer melts all my makeup off. Well, don’t call this brow pencil delissio, because she DELIVERED. While this pencil doesn’t apply a dark, thick pigment, it gives a nice natural effect. I’m not sure if this brow pencil is water proof, but it sure is sweat proof – it held up for my 12 hour day.


Morphe Colour Pencil in “Poolside”

Maybe it was my mind on vacation, but this shade spoke to me. “Poolside” is a gleaming seafoam green eye pencil. It’s sparkly, pigmented and not chunky whatsoever. I’ll be using this pencil to bring a little pop to my brown eyes.

Morphe High Impact Highlighter in “Mirage”

The High Impact highlighter was new to Morphe, so I thought I would take a gamble, because ya girl likes to glow. I went for “Mirage” to get that bronzey summer vibe and I was not disappointed. While it is not blindingly bright, it does give you a nice pigmented pop and shimmer. It especially looks poppin’ on brown skin.

Morphe Blush Trio in “Pop of Fuschia”

Previously, I never used to like blush because I was applying it all wrong and there weren’t many flattering colours for deeper skintones. Still, I’ve experimented and now there are so many gorgeous blushes that look great with my skintone. I love picking up trios because you get a variation for a good value, so you can rotate without owning too many blushes. I love all three of these colours on my skin. It is extremely pigmented, so apply at your discretion. I honestly have no complaints about this blush trio…it’s beautiful.

Morphe Matte Lipstick in “Jelly” and Cream Lipstick in “Cuddles”

I was very attracted to these lipsticks not only on the basis of their colours, but also because of the edgy-looking packaging. “Jelly” is a gorgeous pinkish/purple colour, perfect for summer and fall. It’s nice and moisturizing and does not dry out your lips. I did find that it did not apply completely matte and does not hold up very well against oil, but since it isn’t liquid lipstick, I’ve lowered my expectations lol.

“Cuddles” on the other hand, is a cream lipstick, so I had no expectations of long-lasting power. It’s a brownish, red nude.  This lipstick works as a great everyday nude for darker skintones! It’s moisturizing and pigmented, but again, does not hold up very well against food.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in “Berries on Ice” and “Dreamhouse”

As I mentioned earlier, Morphe thrives on it’s star power…it’s Jeffree Star power to be precise here. Jeffree Star’s makeup collection (minus a few items) is on full display. Of course, I already own so many of his liquid lipsticks, but I wanted to add to my collection.

I chose a purple shade “Berries on Ice” for fall, and I absolutely love this colour because it worked for summer too! What I love about his mattes are that they are not drying and they are absolutely long-lasting, unless they come into contact with oils.

I was a little less satisfied about “Dreamhouse,” because this chromatic shimmery lipstick was a miss. It was very sheer and I had to apply a few layers to get full coverage. Plus, it didn’t really dry matte and became tacky throughout the day. It’s a pretty colour, but not worth the outcome.

Finally, I also picked up the Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder from Pop Beauty at Walgreens and the Inglot Slimliner from the Inglot Store at the Caesars Forum Shops.

Prismatic Pop Illuminating Powder in “Coral Crush”

The name implies that you can use it for other purposes than highlighting. I strictly used it as a highlighter and boy, I was impressed! This powder is intensely pigmented, with a gold reflection in some lights. With it’s intensity, I’m sure it can be used for eyeshadow and blush.

Inglot Slimliner

I heard great things about the Inglot gel liner from a friend, but I’m more of a liquid liner gal myself. That’s why when I visited Inglot, I grabbed their slimliner. Plus, my other liner was drying out during the trip. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of this liner. It’s tip is too long, so it makes it difficult to enjoy the slim aspect. It was hardly to get a solid line with this liner. It also dries out quickly 😦

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with my Morphe haul. There were a few disappointments, but c’est la vie. Have you guys tried anything from Morphe?

Up next: My Sephora VIB Haul!

Until next time…

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– Meens


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