Keeping Lash extensions on the HUSH: Lashing Out Part Two

Disclaimer: While I did receive the classic service complimentary (with a discounted upgrade to a volume set,) I was not paid to write this blog. All opinions expressed are honest and reflect my genuine experience.

Hi friends!

It’s an exciting time of the year, the birds are singing, my trip to Portugal is around the corner, AND I just got a new set of lash extensions! So, I thought I would share my new experience with a different studio. Last year I went to a private studio, lash technician in Vaughan, Ontario. This time around I was lucky to connect with Hush Lash Studio at the “All About Women Show.” I filled out a ballot to win a lash service and lucky me, I won! I connected with lash stylist, Cassandra who was so timely. I decided to go for it since it would make my upcoming vacation easy, breezy and beautiful (please don’t come for me Covergirl).

Cassandra let me know that lash extensions are great for vacations, you just have to be mindful of heat as they accelerate shedding and be careful when drying them after any moisture.

The location I visited was the Etobicoke location, within Fabutan. It’s important to note that Hush Lashes is part of the franchise – with several locations and different teams with unique experience and skills. My experience is reflective of my visit to this location.

It’s a beautiful studio. Clean, professional with pretty décor.

I came in very excited after being in contact with Cassandra through email (who was so friendly and knowledgeable). A few days before my appointment, she sent me a quick primer on how their lash extensions work, with tips on how-to prepare for my appointment.

Prep included: No lash curling and mascara for 24 hours. It was also recommend that I wash my lashes.

I thought this was so helpful. Even though I had lashes before, I was never educated how to prepare for the process. Google was my friend the first time around.

Cassandra, has been around with Fabutan on the tanning side since 2008. Lashing came into the studio’s picture around 2015 but has really picked up in the few years as you can probably tell – lash extensions are everywhere!

I could tell they prioritize their customer’s care and comfort as I was greeted with warmth, LITERALLY. I was given a soft, fuzzy blanket to cozy up under as I rested my eyes and let Cassandra work her magic.

I got cozy

Before I drifted off long-lashting love, Cassandra started off my appointment with a consultation. She asked me about the style I wanted, giving me different examples. I opted for the volume set in a cat eye style. She then explained the entire process to me. She isolated my bottom lashes from the top with a soft pad. Then my lashes were cleaned are dried with a fan, which I was a big fan of (pun intended). After that, lashes are individually applied to every adult lash using the adhesive. Cassandra let me know that for volume sets, lash sets are not pre-made but instead they customize to each client as they go. I thought this was really great as every eye shape is different and this allows them to enhance your natural eye shape!

I forgot to mention, my bestie Christina also came along and had her lashes done at the same time with Hush lash stylist, Taylor. In fact, while there was a wall between us, Christina and I could chat while Cassandra and Taylor tolerated us and joined in on our banter.

Christina and I after our lash appointment.

They were great at maintaining socialization, answering questions, while also letting us relax. It was definitely a relaxing environment and experience – I dozed off a few times. This time around I didn’t feel a thing, not even stinging on my sensitive eyes!

Honestly, the process went so well, I didn’t even notice that 2 hours flew by! In that time, I transformed from the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan:

Waking up from my nap with beautiful lashes like

Take a look at how they turned out (I’m obsessed):

Honestly, I love how naturally voluminous they look. That being said, they were definitely less fluffy and dramatic compared to my previous lashes, but they were definitely applied safely with no pain.

After the lash application, I was briefed that I should avoid water for 24-48 hours so the lashes bond strengthened. I also learned that I would have to avoid sleeping directly on my lashes and a few other tips (See photo):

So you must be wondering? Is 2 hours of work worth it? I think so!

A set of these lashes last on average 21 days. Between 1-7 days is what is recommended for a touch up. After that you are inching closer towards a re-lash (that process takes less time).  The lashes are applied in a way that your natural lashes are still growing underneath, so they will fall out as they usually do. It also does not damage your natural lashes!

I for one, really love the ease it gives me. I get to sleep in and don’t have to worry about mascara or eyeliner.

Now is the Hush Studio pricing worth it? I would say yes, especially if you like a more natural look and if you want a legitimate experience. I know it is not cheap (you know your girl is all about save money, live better lifestyle,) but you know the saying ” You get what you pay for?” You absolutely do get your money’s worth here.

While I liked my previous lash experience, this experience was much more comfortable and relaxing on my eyes. I think what sets this studio apart is that the stylists are not only friendly, but also experienced and take the extra initiative to educate their clients.

If you are interested here is their pricing (as included in a cute post-appointment baggy I received before leaving the studio):

Overall, I had a great experience at this this studio. The service is lovely and the lashes are lightweight and high quality. If you would like to learn more you can visit their website: https://fabutan.com/locations/ontario/etobicoke/queensway/

You can also follow them on Instagram @thequeensway_hushlashstudio.

I personally hope I’m able to keep these up. Previously I had to have my lashes removed as I didn’t have time to maintain them. Which is another important point, if you are considering lashes, you will need to make it a habit to get them refreshed every so often.

I personally hope I’m able to keep these up. Previously I had to have my lashes removed as I didn’t have time to maintain them. Which is another important point, if you are considering lashes, you will need to make it a habit to get them refreshed every so often.

I hope this blog was interesting. As always, let me know if you have any questions in the comments or shoot me a DM on Instagram @byallmeens.

Until next time,

This won’t be the lash time you hear from me!

– Meens


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