(my) reso-LOSE-tions?

According to the Gregorian calendar, the year is coming to an end. In fact that day is right around the corner. Along with making New Years Celebrations plans many find themselves making resolutions. These usually range from ‘going to the gym more often’ or ‘spending less money’. These kind of resolutions often result in a lose-lose situation as they don’t come from a place of true personal motivation and/or goals. These resolutions come from a place of personal responsibility. While I myself am guilty of making such ridiculous and unrealistic resolutions, I have decided that this year I will make resolutions that I can actually achieve.

I’ve grouped my resolutions into categories so that they are well-rounded according to my lifestyle – the categories are Social, Mental, Physical, Financial, Universal. In order not to overwhelm myself I have only made one resolution per category.


  • Keep in touch with my friends more often

Even if this means sending a text or meeting up every once in a while. I’m usually very distant while studying, but I can’t help it, I’m a terrible texter! I really want to make an effort to check in with my very close friends at least, especially since many of them study afar. Even seeing friends for lunch or dinner every once in a while can be a boost in motivation to get me through the month (especially during midterms).


  • Take personal days off

Depression and anxiety  often work against each other. Depression is the force keeping me in bed and anxiety is the one forcing me to go to school. I usually end up guilting myself into going to school. I have learned that it is okay every once in a while to miss school or miss social gatherings (although paying for school kind of conflicts with my decision-making). It is equally important to prioritize your mental health as well as  your physical health.


  • Workout, but only if it’s fun

By fun, I mean enjoyable. As much as a good workout can feel refreshing, it can often be gruelling. I often struggle to find motivation to drag myself to the gym especially when the cold Canadian winter is around. What has been working for me is going with a buddy or even changing up my playlist (Hello Taylor Swift album!). There are even classes (like dance or zumba) that should be considered. Working out shouldn’t feel like a meaningless responsibility. It  should be an enjoyable, but motivated recreational activity.


  • Try to make profit as I spend

Meaning don’t spend money that I don’t have. In a society where capitalism dominates the market and many become increasingly materialistic, it’s easy to spend money but often hard to save money. It’s easy to say ”don’t spend” but it’s unrealistic. I’m a young person so of course I want to buy things! However I’m also a very creative individual who has the ability to make a profit. Whether it’s clothes, ideas (such as blogging) or even a part-time job, there are many unique opportunities to make a profit in today’s society. While it isn’t necessarily easy, a girl’s gotta eat! There’s only so long I can live off of my parents…


  • Donate to a meaningful cause

It’s easy to get swept up in viral campaigns and feel the pressure to donate. Don’t get me wrong, the ALS ice bucket challenge was both refreshing and beneficial, but like many, I only donated because the campaign was so prevalent. Slacktivism (such as liking or post videos/pics) is the lazy form of activism imo. This year I want to donate a meaningful amount to a worthwhile cause, of course that requires some research on my part. I also highly encourage any of my readers to ALWAYS research the cause and/or organization (you should know where your money is going).

Check out this post on donating smart:

I hope you all enjoy your New Years or as my parents call it ”’Ol years”. If you’re planning to make resolutions make sure to be realistic and goal-oriented. You should be motivated to complete resolutions. The term ”resolution” has the word”solution” in it so it should be a decision that can be solved.

Even if you don’t make resolutions the new year always brings something where change needs to be afflicted. I myself am a creature of habit so I hates changes but c’est la vie!

I’m sure by next year I’ll be making a whole new list of resolutions.

Enjoy your last day of the old year and revel in the new year

– Meens


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