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To Chris-seize the Teigen x Becca Glow Face Palette or Not?

Hi friends!

So I am finally done my internship, which means more time for writing (WOO!) So I present to you…another review!

As evident in my previous blog, I love limited-edition items. I especially have to get my hands on them when they involve a celeb I like. What can I say? I’m as basic and capitalistic as they come.

I adore Chrissy Teigen and she’s one of my style icons. That’s why I had to scoop up the Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette. I don’t want to give you too many spoilers, but it’s beautiful 😍

Packaging: 5/5

The packaging is all rose-gold themed. Chrissy Teigen loves rose gold/quartz, so there are little details that allude to this fact. Her signature is also on the box and in the mirror, which adds a unique touch. There’s also stamp in “Peach Nectar” with Chrissy’s heart combined with Becca’s logo.

The Glow Face palette is a good size. Not too heavy, but you get a good amount of product for the price ($54 CAD in case you were wondering).

The packaging was really well done and worked well with Chrissy’s persona.

Colours: 4.5/5

The colours are extremely gorgeous and they’re perfect for the summer.  The colour palette includes: Rose Gold (highlighter), Hibiscus Bloom (blush), Malibu Soleil (bronzer) and Beach Nectar (highlighter)

They’re exactly the colours I would picture for a bronzey, summer glow (which is right up Chrissy’s alley). Since the colours are on the warmer end, they work really well with my skin tone (the bronzer being the exception). As for the lighter end of the skin tone spectrum, I’m not sure how it would fair (a little skin tone humour). They’re all warm tones, so if you’re a cool-toned fan,  I would keep that in mind.

Pigment: 3.5/5

This is the only area I’d say there are some inconsistencies. The blush is extremely pigmented while the bronzer and highlighters are lacking in that department.

Application 3/5

Favorites - 12 of 14

Wearing “Rose Gold” as my eyeshadow inner corner, “Hibiscus Bloom” as blush on my cheeks, “Malibu Soleil” as contour and “Peach Nectar” as my highlighter. PS. I’m sorry my room is a mess.

The highlighters are very subtle on application. That being said, the quality is very buttery and I still like the highlighters because they are buildable. The highlighters also work well as eyeshadows. I used “Rose Gold” for this look in my inner corner.

Favorites - 13 of 14

The bronzer went on nicely, but is barely visible on my darker skin.

Favorites - 10 of 14

As I mentioned above, the blush is extremely pigmented so you have to go in with a really light hand.

Overall impression: 16/20

Favorites - 11 of 14

Featuring my Sword Art Online poster

I really like using this palette for an everyday look, especially with summer coming up. It gives me a nice dewy glow.

Favorites - 14 of 14

The highlighters are good, but not as great as Champagne Pop (also by Becca). The highlighters will need to grow(read: glow) on me. I will, however, be blushing all summer long in “Hibiscus Bloom” 😳

If you would like to get your hands on this palette, you’re in luck. The palette is back in stock at Sephora.

Let me know down in the comments if you’ve ever purchased a limited-edition makeup product/collection and what it was.

Until next time…

I hope I Teigained your interest 💁🏽

– Meens


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